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The Final Bid

Explore Chinatown to uncover the truth about the death of Artie Fackes - and the secrets within his priceless collection of ancient art!

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Event dates

4 weeks notice

Team size

20‑50 players

Event location

Chinatown and Soho, London

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Event Duration

4.5 hours

The Final Bid is a game that we run just for you - the venue, story, clues and experiences are the same each time, but it's just you and your guests taking part at a time that suits you.

This Chinatown-based murder mystery immerses you and your fellow clue-hunters in the story of the death of Artie Fackes, and the subsequent auction of his priceless collection of Chinese antiquities. Can you piece together the clues left behind before his collection falls into the wrong hands? The devious plot and shady characters you will meet along the way have all the elements of a classic A Door In A Wall murder mystery treasure hunt.

The Final Bid can be booked up to three weeks in advance of the event date. We can run The Final Bid in the afternoons and evenings, with the exception of Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays after 6pm due to venue restrictions. As this game is mostly based outside, we don’t recommend it for November-February due to our cold and rainy London winter weather.

Players take part in teams of 3-6 and the game offers a variety of fun actor-character interactions and site-specific puzzles, as well as a good challenge for those who want to prove themselves the most quick-witted group of detectives.

Please find a downloadable PDF with more information here, and game FAQs below.

“The event was a great success and everyone had fantastic feedback from the innovative set up to the location and challenges. From our side this works perfectly for a networking event for both clients and internal teams. ”

JP Morgan

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What’s it all about?

The Final Bid sets players as prospective buyers at an auction,  is an adventurous detective game around Chinatown and Soho that tasks teams of players with solving the mysterious death of a celebrated antiquarian.

A famous collector of Chinese antiquities, Artie Fackes has died in mysterious circumstances, as players you have been invited to be a part of a select group invited to take part in the private auction of the objects in Fackes' collection. However, the mysterious nature of Artie’s death cast a long shadow. As things derail, you realise it’s down to you to solve the mystery before the collection falls into the wrong hands.

How does the game work?

On arrival at the starting venue, we'll greet and seat you, and you can enjoy some food and drinks. You'll be asked to register your team name (puns may mean prizes) and we'll give you all the information you need to play the game. Provided you're on time, you'll have about 45 mins to get settled and work out where to begin your investigation before the game's opening scene.

You'll be tasked with gathering evidence to crack the case and you'll then have two hours to explore the surrounding area outside: solving puzzles, interacting with characters and collecting clues. Once the time is up, return to the venue where you'll have some time to make sense of what you've found and identify the killer. We'll mark your answers, reveal the truth and give out the all-important prizes.

How long does it last?

Your investigations will take 4.5 hours in total.

Is this an outdoor event?

Indeed! The game starts and finishes indoors, but you will spend a couple of hours pounding the streets for clues as well.

Where does the game take place?

Our preferred venue for this game is Opium. This hidden bar in the heart of Chinatown is a secret den containing the opulence and glamour of early 20th Century China - as well as expertly made seasonal, hand crafted cocktails and homemade syrups, and delicious and freshly made dumplings. The game was designed for Opium, providing a wonderful atmosphere, location, and drink and food selection for the event.

How many people can play this game?

The game can accommodate 20-50 players in total, although the game itself is played in smaller teams.

Is this a team game?

Yes. We recommend playing as a small group of 3-6.

How much time in advance can you arrange a game?

We can book a game with up to four weeks’ notice - although the more time, the better of course!

How much does the game cost?

Prices work on a scale - the more people in your group, the lower the cost is per-head. The minimum cost of the game is £1050+VAT.

There will also be likely to be a minimum spend required at the venue. This will vary on the venue, the time of the day and the day of the week you want to have your game on.

How do I find out more?

Get in touch! Fill in our enquiry form, email us on [email protected], or call the office on 07944 150448 any time 10am-6pm on working days.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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