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Sheiks On A Plane

They say air travel is the safest form of transport...

Event dates

May 2012

Event location

Central London

Event Duration

8 hours

They say air travel is the safest form of transport...

Arabian potentate Sheik Yabouti's plane had just touched down in London - global hub for the world's rich and powerful. The problem is that the Sheik didn't survive the flight. The killer had to be one of his fellow passengers - but who?

Using a copy of in-flight magazine Getaway with Myrrd Air as their guide, our sleuths had just 6 hours to explore London, complete the puzzles and find the characters that would lead them to the truth of this mid-air mystery. Untangling a devious plot involving diamond thieves, salubrious sportsmen and phone hacking was no mean feat, but Myrrd Air's investigators succeeded in the end, thanks to quick wits, observational insight, and some rather questionable arms deals.

Along the way our players learned about the importance of tin-foil hats, hid from irate football managers, practised their origami skills and indulged in some amateur chemistry but, just when they thought the case was cracked, the killer had one more surprise in store...

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