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Played to Death

A famous composer is murdered at the hands of a musician, but which one? Gather a team of detectives and explore the nearby streets to discover who orchestrated this deadly arrangement.

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May-Jul 2016

Team size

Teams of 3‑6

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Event Duration

4.5 hours

The sound of a full orchestra is rich and complex. Each individual instrument plays a vital part in creating seamless, beautiful music. However, the relationships between their players are not always so harmonious.

Renowned composer Aaron Eastring had been working on an exciting new symphony with the Performing Artists Riverside Philharmonic to mark one hundred years since the orchestra’s first concert. He was celebrated for his dramatic conclusions, but death by a falling piano was probably not what he had in mind. Who could have orchestrated this deadly arrangement? A professional rival? A jealous lover? A confidant?

A Door In A Wall invites you and your friends to tune up and experience a tale of sax and violins with a brand new murder mystery adventure: Played to Death.


Played to Death ran from May-July around the streets of Holborn as teams of intrepid detectives sought to uncover the truth behind the murder of composer Aaron Eastring. Amid two hours of exploration they encountered black market instrument dealers, vegan foxhunters, loudmouth cops and the worlds smallest studio apartment! An array of puzzles included musical passwords, funereal mathematics and working out just how far you can go on the N41 bus. Solving these revealed vital clues that helped all our Grade 8 Detectives identify the guilty musician and save the PARP centenery concert. Conductor Hans Waving sends his gratitude!

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