Murder Most Fowl

A government agent has gone missing and it's up to you to find out why. Dodge political corruption and murky mob operations at a local speakeasy.

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3 weeks notice

20‑40 players

London: a choice of bars in Zone 1

2-3 hours

Murder Most Fowl is a game we run just for you. The story, clues and experiences are the same each time, but it's just you and your guests taking part at a time and place that suits you.

The mystery calls upon your detective skills in the services of a government agency, engaged to discover the whereabouts of Agent Quentin O’Sollace before the unthinkable happens. Dig down into London’s shady underworld and find the dirt on big business, corrupt mayoral candidates, and femme fatales - as well as the flouting of some pretty serious environmental bylaws.

This event is an indoor game that can take place in a number of London bars; we’ve got a couple of favourites, but we can also chat to you to work out a place that suits you best.

Clues, puzzles (and actors) are all installed around the bar space, meaning your guests can enjoy their drinks, socialise and pick up threads of the game around them as and when they like. Players will be briefed on arrival, and are free to play up until the game ends, when all will be revealed and prizes awarded to the most superb sleuths.

Prices start from £25 per person and the minimum total cost is £575+VAT. The venue is also likely to require a minimum spend for your party.

We are proud to work in the exclusive private hire areas of these great venues for Murder Most Fowl:

The Drawing Room at BFI Southbank, The Joker of Penton Street, Old Street Records, The Star Tavern, Be At One Farringdon, The Astronomer, W.M. Barker & Co, Opium Chinatown, The Ten Bells, The Hippodrome 

Please find a downloadable PDF with more information here.

“Everyone was excited, inspired and really engaged with the game and trying to solve the mystery. It really was a lot of fun, extremely creative, and it appealed to everyone in lots of ways. ”

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