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Mob Justice

Judge Andrew Rhee's daughter has been kidnapped. Can you find her before she becomes a victim of mob justice?

Event dates

May 2011

Event location

Central London

In May 2011, the unfortunate daughter of Judge Andrew Rhee was kidnapped! It was up to the players of Mob Justice to find out not only who was behind this foul deed, but where poor Jewel Rhee was being held before her time ran out.

The game spanned five areas of central London as our players visited characters and locations in search of clues. Covering as much ground as they could in one afternoon, players encountered menacing gangsters, qualified as deputy traffic wardens and harmonised cover versions of Bryan Adams in search of the truth.

But this was by no means easy: the fiendish plot involved everything from crackpot inventions to a gang of malicious vegans. There could only be one winning team (per day) but, just when our champions thought they'd got their hands on the reward money, there was a bitter twist in store...

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