In Case of Emergency

A suitcase mysteriously arrives at a party: investigate the contents to discover who it belonged to and the urgent message it contains.

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2 weeks notice

At least 15 players

Your party venue

2 hours or more, as desired

This game is designed to fit in the suitcase it comes in (excluding the person running it). It’s of medium difficulty, and similar in format to our outdoor mysteries, but with all the clues laid out in front of you.

Your guests use the contents of the case to piece together the solution to a murder mystery plot, working individually, in pairs or in small teams. This game is designed to be relaxed and approachable, but with the same sort of intricate and entertaining plot that makes our games popular.

It takes a single organiser to set up and run the game for you at your location, bringing with them all the materials needed. Two hours, alongside drinks, gives plenty of time to crack the case, with a short reveal and prize-giving at the end.

Prices depend on timing, numbers and venue, with a minimum cost of £385+VAT - drop us a line for a quote.

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