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Horses for Corpses

An up-and-coming agent in the world of horse racing has been sent to the knackers in mysterious circumstances! Saddle up your team of sleuths to solve the case.

Event dates

May-June 2017

Team size

Teams of 3‑6

Event location

Camden Market

Event price


Event Duration

3.5 hours

A Door In A Wall presents a new outdoor adventure for early Summer 2017;

The ad didn’t say much: “Investigators wanted. No experience necessary.” Some horse trader apparently. You didn’t know much about riding, but you weren’t going to look this gift in the mouth. If only you’d asked a few more questions out of the gate…

Now you and your friends are finding out that racing is a murky world. It seems like everyone’s got form and the going ain’t easy. Somewhere amid the stalls and stables is the truth, and you’ll have to find it, otherwise it’ll be you who’s in the running... for murder.

A Door In A Wall is proud to present a brand new detective adventure. Cover corners and courtyards, collect cryptic clues and converse with a curious cast as you try to solve a deadly mystery in: Horses for Corpses.

Horses for Corpses is a murder mystery treasure hunt that sends teams of intrepid adventurers around the streets of London as they try to crack a fiendish case. A Door In A Wall will be partnering with the world-famous Camden Market, allowing players to explore this amazing location in an intriguing new way.

The game will run on selected evenings from 5 May onwards, with additional afternoon events at weekends and on bank holidays. The full list of dates is here. Horses for Corpses is an experience designed for teams and a group size of 3-6 is suggested. Each team will need at least one smartphone between them and it is advised that players wear comfortable footwear as the adventure leads out around the market and onto the streets in search of clues.

Ticketholders should arrive 10 minutes before their start time. We have to operate to a strict schedule so don't be late, otherwise you may miss the game introduction! 

Tickets will go on sale via Billetto at 12 noon on Monday 6th March.


How does the game work?

We advise you arrive 10 minutes before your chosen start time at the starting location. On arrival, we’ll check your tickets, register your team name and we’ll give you all the information you need to play. Then the game begins with a dramatic introduction to the murder mystery. Once you exit the starting venue, you’ll then have 2 hours and 40 minutes to explore the area and gather evidence: solving puzzles, interacting with characters and collecting clues. This should give you plenty of time to follow all the leads and still allow some time to make sense of what you’ve found over a bite or a drink (see our recommendations below). Ultimately you are trying to identify the killer - you will be interrogated on your findings!

You will have an allotted time to return to the starting venue, when you will have a chance to reveal the truth in this mysterious case face to face with the authorities, who’ll let you know if you’ve cracked it.

Where is the venue?

Dylan O'Dill's office, your starting point for the adventure is at unit 87 within Camden Market. Here's a map. Please take time to look at the details - the venue is a little tucked away.

If you're entering the market through the North Yard entrance, opposite the Morrisons petrol station, then come into the yard and go around (but not up) the brick ramp immediately on your left. Pass under the green awning outside the Chinese medicine shop. The venue is at ground level, underneath the Proud nightclub. Just come straight in.

Chalk Farm is the nearest station, and the easiest to access the venue from, handily avoiding busier areas like Camden Lock. Turn left out of the station and carry on down Chalk Farm Road. Turn right just after the Morrison's Petrol Station and a few steps down the road you'll find an entrance to the Stables Market. We're close by on your left.

You can see more details and a photo of the way to the venue on the map link above. If you get really stuck, then don't suffer in silence - give us a call on 07943 237 945 and we'll guide you to the scene of the crime!

What time does it start?

There is a choice of 6 starting time slots for both afternoon and evening games. There are up to 10 tickets available per slot, so there are likely to be 2-3 teams taking part within each time slot:

Afternoon: 12:00, 12:20, 12:40, 13:00, 13:20, 13:40
Evening: 18:00, 18:20, 18:40, 19:00, 19:20, 19:40

Please make sure you arrive in good time. If you are late we will have to start without you and you may miss the game introduction.
From beginning to end, the game lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Please be aware that Camden Market is a busy location on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and especially so on Saturday and Sunday afternoons so make sure you allow plenty of travel time.

What time does it finish?

Your finish time will be 3 hours and 20 minutes after your start time, so those starting at 18:00 will finish at 21:20, and so on.

What should I bring?

Other than your wits? A charged smartphone and a pen will come in handy, as will some insightful friends. We’d also recommend some sensible footwear, as you’ll be out and about for a couple of hours.

Is this a team game?

Yes. We recommend playing as a small group of 3-6, but there’s no formal limits on team size. A team of 2 is fine.

Do all 10 players for a given timeslot need to stick together?

Nope. Once you leave the starting location, separate teams are free to go their own way. You’ll reconvene later on to present your findings.

Do all members of my team need to book their tickets together?

No, teams are registered on arrival, so you can book tickets however you like - individually or in one group.

I can't seem to purchase as many tickets as I want on Billetto, what's up?

Each game slot has up to 10 tickets available for it, and you can purchase up to that many at a time through Billetto. Otherwise, if the amount of tickets you can buy is less than 10, it means there's only that many left on sale.

I have a big group that all want to play together, can we?

Possibly. Drop us a line directly and we'll see if we can arrange a group booking. You'll still want to split into smaller teams though, and, depending on how many of you there are, we may need to split you across different time slots.

I just need one more ticket but the time slot is full! Can I still get one?

There may well be room for one extra detective. Get in touch and we’ll let you know.

Curses, the date I want is sold out! Do you offer a wait list or return?

No, but keep an eye on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. People will often post about spare tickets they are looking to pass on.

Will there be food and drink available?

An absolute cornucopia! Camden Market is rich with places to eat and drink and you should have time to follow all the clues and still stop for a bite or a drink whilst you digest your findings during the game, before you head back for the finale. We've teamed up with some of the top eateries and drinkeries in the market to get you some detective discounts while the game is running:

20% off at Honest Burger
10% off at Voodoo Ray's
20% off at Yumchaa
15% off at Cafe Chula
15% off at Lockside Lounge
25% off at Lock 17
20% off at Pamban, plus a free chai tea (opening soon in May)

Naturally, these apply at Camden Market branches only - just show your game booklet to claim the discount.

What’s the closest station to the venue?

Chalk Farm is just closer, but you can’t go wrong with Camden Town either. Kentish Town West or Camden Road overground stations are also near enough.

Be aware that Camden Town station is exit only on Sundays between 13:00 and 17:30.

How do I win?

Once your investigation time is up, you’ll come back to the starting venue to try to prove who the real murderer is from the evidence you’ve collected. Your answers will be verbal, not written, and will not be marked - but don’t think that means you get away scot free. There may be consequences if you fail to solve the case.

You can also win the real victory by having the punniest team name - we’ll be posting our favourites from each game online.

Can I bring children?

We don’t recommend it. The game is pitched at an adult level of difficulty and parts of the game may include adult humour and language. However, if you would like to bring a 16-18 year old, let us know and we’re happy to discuss it.

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