Dead Man's Hand

It’s time to up the ante and take a seat at The Underhand Club, where double dealers and bad bets cost Jack Spade his life. Can you call the killer's bluff?

May - October 2018

teams of 3‑6

The Castle Farringdon,  34-35 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6DB


13:00 - 17:30 (4.5 hours)

Jack Spade thought he had been dealt the right cards, but reckless gambling seems to have cost him his life. All those who sat around the poker table that night have something to hide, but can your party work out which card sharp was responsible for his murder? If you’re ready to go all-in, then the nearby streets hold the clues and characters, but you’ll need all your cunning, and maybe a favour or two from Lady Luck, to catch the killer.

Following a sold out run of Cold War mystery game Dead Drop, London’s leading immersive game designers A Door In A Wall are inviting you on another real world adventure this summer.

This summer, The Castle Farringdon plays host to illicit gambling den The Underhand Club, the starting point for a high-stakes tale of double-dealing poker players and bets gone bad. Players must work in teams to collect clues, meet characters and gather evidence in the great outdoors to get what they need to solve the case and save the club.

The game will run on Saturday afternoons until the 27th October 2018. Dead Man’s Hand is an experience designed for teams and a group size of 3-6 is suggested. See below for more FAQs.

This event is a remastering of the sellout 2013 version of Dead Man’s Hand, tried and tested by over 1000 players that summer. It was so well loved that we’re bringing it back, better than before.

The game combines the best elements of immersive theatre, escape rooms, treasure hunts, storytelling and comedy, to create a unique immersive experience packed with mystery and puns. Become the main character in this real-world adventure as you solve the case of the Dead Man's Hand.



How does the game work?

On arrival at the starting venue, we'll check your tickets and get your team seated. You'll be asked to register your team name (puns may mean prizes) and we'll give you all the information you need to play the game. Provided you're on time, you'll have about 45 mins to get settled and work out where to begin your investigation before the game's opening scene. You'll be tasked with gathering evidence to crack the case and you'll then have two hours to explore the area outside: solving puzzles, interacting with characters and collecting clues. Once the time is up, return to the starting venue where you'll have some time to make sense of what you've found and identify the killer. We'll mark your answers, reveal the truth and give out the all-important prizes.

Where is the venue?

Our starting and ending venue is the upstairs function room of The Castle Farringdon, near Farringdon in central London. Here's a map.

What time does it start?

Games will start at 13:00. You can arrive up to 30 minutes after the listed start time.

What time does it finish?

The game will finish by 5:30pm.

What should I bring?

Other than your wits? A charged smartphone and a pen will come in handy, as will some insightful friends. We’d recommend attire appropriate for exploring the streets of Farringdon too. Most importantly, you’ll want to arrive armed with a pun-tastic team name.

This is a team game?

Yes. We suggest a team size of 3-6, but there are no formal limits. You can play as a couple, or a larger group if you wish. This game could be played as a solo adventure but it's way more fun playing with other people. Teams must stay together during the game and you'll need a good team name of course - there may even be a best name prize. Note that we don't arrange people into teams ourselves so make sure you've organised a team to play with before booking!

I played Dead Man's Hand back in 2013, can I still come to this new version?

You can. The story will be very close to the original, but many of the clues and puzzles are different and winning is about much more than just remembering who the killer is, so you're more than welcome to double down.

Do all members of a team have to book their tickets together?

No. How you arrange teams on the day is not dictated by how the tickets were purchased.

I have a big group (20+) that all want to play together, can we?

Yes. Drop us a line directly and we'll see if we can arrange a group booking or even a full private run of Dead Man’s Hand. You'll still want to split into smaller teams though.

Will there be food and drink available?

Certainly. The Castle will be running a bar and kitchen service on arrival, and when you return to the venue. If you arrive in good time and get your orders in, there's definitely time to have some lunch before you head out in search of clues.

What’s the closest station to the venue?

Farringdon, on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines. Barbican is also nearby.

How do I win?

Once the time for gathering evidence is over, you will be invited to answer questions on the case. The team whose answers score the highest will win the game, but they must also correctly identify the killer. There may also be a prize for the best team name.

Can I bring children?

Unfortunately the game is for over 18s only. The venue is only for those aged 18 and over, and the game is pitched at an adult level of difficulty and parts of the game may include adult humour and language.

Curses, the date I want is sold out! Do you offer a wait list or returns?

No, but keep an eye on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. People will often post there about spare tickets they are looking to pass on.


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