Dead Drop

Dive into the murky world of Cold War espionage to investigate the mysterious death of an aeronautical inventor. You'll interact with characters, solve puzzles and crack codes to not only solve a murder, but quite possibly save the world too.

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October 2017

Teams of 3‑5

Wringer & Mangle Bar, Spitalfields


4 hours

Lean in and listen closely, agents. We've got a new mission for you, and we'll only say this once.

Something is up in the world of aviation, and we need you to investigate. A few days ago, a small plane came down just outside London. It seems that the lone pilot was killed not in the crash, but by a jump with a sabotaged parachute. 

This was a murder. 

Perhaps this was some act of petty revenge, but it could be much, much more. The aircraft sported fearsome new technology - something that could tip the delicate balance of global power, and in 1969 that means potential disaster. We need you to discover who was behind this terminal departure, before the Cold War starts heating up. 

Our intelligence points to a party at a glamorous London hangout, the Wringer & Mangle Bar in Spitalfields, where several prime suspects will be lurking. It’s a dangerous place, however; other nations will have their own spies circling the case, so we’ll need you and your team of agents to blend in. We suggest you gather a squad of 3-5 agents to tackle this international intrigue, and you'll need a good cover story. We don't want you to be exposed. 

Amidst the jet setters and cocktails, all kinds of secrets can be acquired. Just make sure ours stay under the radar...

Four preview events of Dead Drop will run in October 2017. Tickets are priced at £20pp and they'll go on sale at 12 noon on Wednesday 6th September. You can find them on our tickets page here. Because these are previews, you may encounter the odd rough edge, but it's all in aid of delivering a refined and polished game in early 2018.

Tickets will go on sale at 12 noon on the 6th September 2017.


How does the game work?

In Dead Drop, you and your friends are a team of spies in 1969, seeking answers to a mysterious murder that could upset the delicate balance of world power!

On arrival, you’ll be issued with secret instructions that will advise you how to investigate, and what you need to find out. By following leads, solving puzzles and interacting with characters, you’ll be able to discover the truth before events come to a head at 10pm. Teams of agents will be competing against one another and there will be rewards for the winning team.

Alongside this mystery, you’ll need to put all your spy skills to the test in a game of counterintelligence where teams will be trying to decipher the codenames of their allies and their rivals.

These are previews?

Yes. We are running four preview shows of Dead Drop in October 2017. The game will be fully functional, but these previews will allow us to test and refine the format ahead of a full launch next year. As a result there may be a few rough edges, but the tickets are cheaper than they would otherwise be to reflect this.

What dates will it be running in 2017?

We will be running shors on the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st October 2017. You can see more information on our tickets page.

Is this an outdoor event?

No - all the clues, characters and puzzles are contained inside a single venue, scattered across the rooms of the bar.

 Is this a period piece?

Yes. The story is set in 1969 and the venue reflects this. Spies come equipped with all kinds of fancy gadgets though, so there’s no need to leave your phone behind.

Is there a dress code?

To go undercover, you’ll need to fit in at our glamorous 1960s hangout. If you need some period inspiration, take a look here but rest assured you won’t be turned away, whatever you’re wearing.

What should I bring?

Other than your wits? A charged smartphone and a pen will come in handy, as will some insightful friends and a compelling cover story.

Is this a team game?

Yes. We recommend playing as a small group of 2-5, though you could go ‘lone wolf’ if you like.

I have a big group (10+) that all want to play together, can we?
Yes. Drop us a line directly and we'll see if we can arrange a group booking. You'll still want to split into smaller teams though.

Will there be food and drink available?
Of course - how can you spy without martinis? Wringer and Mangle has a fantastic bar open throughout the evening. You can also see a sample menu of what you can get to eat on the night here. If you fancy eating as part of your evening then simply drop [email protected] an email to let them know you will want to order from the small plates. Indecisive? Don't worry you can still order on the night.

What’s the closest station to the venue?
Liverpool Street is just 4 minutes walk away.

Can you run this as a private event?
Certainly. For a group of 40+, this event can be run just for you. Drop us a line on [email protected] and we’ll be able to let you know prices and minimum spends for the venue.
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