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Apocalypse How?

Arthur Geddon thought he could avert an impending apocalypse, but who among the faithful wanted him out of the way?

Event dates

Oct-Nov 2012

Event location

East London

Event Duration

8 Hours

While performing the sacred ritual which he believed would avert the impending apocalypse, Arthur Geddon, founder and guiding light of the Church of the Golden Pyramid, is found dead in mysterious circumstances. But who among the faithful wanted the glorious leader out of the way?

A Door In A Wall initiated 700 disciples into the Church, and tasked them with solving this terrible murder. As members of either the Jaguar or Eagle sect, our intrepid teams ventured forth into east London to unravel the twisted plot, and perhaps commit a murder of their own...

Characters such as a tongueless captive, a stuffy bureaucrat and a crazed stalker assisted our disciples with their enquiries as they searched for clues in canals, libraries and Mexican bakeries, and learned just what cats get up to when left unsupervised. Collecting ancient glyphs and their translations ensured the teams were able to understand the teachings of the fearsome Jaguagle.

Church’s Supreme Being, and piece together exactly what happened on that fateful morning in the ritual room.

Praise be to the Jaguagle!

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