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An Expedition With Mr Mirrors

"A mirror: dusty, spotted with age, oddly unreliable. Sometimes it shows the crumbling attic you are standing in. Sometimes there's nothing there at all. Sometimes, you see a reflection of your younger self, in a happy crowd, glowing with success. Once, a shadowy figure stands behind you."

Event dates

March 2010

Event location

The V&A Museum

We collaborated with Failbetter Games to create An Expedition With Mr Mirrors, a large scale game designed for Hide & Seek's Sandpit night, held at the Victoria & Albert museum as one of their monthly 'lates' evenings.

Players took on the role of amnesiacs trying to reclaim their memories, all set against the rich backdrop of Fallen London. Travelling the hallowed halls of the museum, our players encountered strangers who offered to help return memories (in flavours of Vengeance, Desire and Curiosity), in return for solving their cryptic secrets. Only if they gathered enough recollections could they learn who they once were.

Mr Mirrors was just one of many games taking place that night and over 4000 people turned up to enjoy, amongst other things, balloon races, spy games, face puzzles and one giant pass-the-parcel.

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