An Appetite for Murder

A chef has been murdered! Can your team of detectives find the evidence hidden in London's streets?

Sept-Nov 2015

Teams of 3‑6

The Red Herring


4.5 hours

In a professional kitchen, execution is everything. A high pressure environment means that tempers run as hot as ovens and resentments can boil over all too easily. Celebrated chef Amelia Love is London's newest gourmet sensation, but when her body is found locked in the restaurant's freezer one morning, a menu of suspects isn't hard to compile.

Was it her talented apprentice, a spiteful critic, or a greedy partner who committed this chilling crime? Our players gathered a table of hungry detectives and digested the evidence hidden around the streets of the City in pursuit of a culinary killer.

“A truly original and engaging experience. Thank you guys!!”

An Appetite for Murder player

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