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An A Door In A Wall Christmas

Put some holiday mystery in your stocking with one of our seasonal private events! You’ll catch the naughty - we’ll reward the nice.

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15 ‑ 80

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Central London

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Event Duration

1 - 3 hours

It’s never too early to get into the festive mood! With Christmas party season upon us, A Door In A Wall are here to add a dash of mystery, a competitive spirit and a stocking full of puns to your festivities with our live adventure games this winter.

Whether we’re bringing the game to you, or finding the perfect venue for a spot of puzzle solving, our team is excited to help you plan the perfect holiday party. We’ve adapted two of our most popular private games to reflect the fun at this time of year, reworking certain clues, elements and characters with a seasonal flair for this very purpose…

Murder Most Fowl

In Murder Most Fowl, you’re private investigators looking into the mysterious disappearance of Quentin O’Sollace, of the Department for Environmental Standards. Quentin was looking into the construction of the new headquarters building for the London’s popular late-night fast food company, Fowl Mouth Chicken. It should have been a routine enquiry, until...it wasn’t.

The bar you’ve arrived in was the last place Quentin was seen before his disappearance, and your host Alex Blane has reason to believe that several clues have led to this place being where you’ll find the answers, and, hopefully, discover Quentin’s fate.

Designed for a selection of private rooms and secret bars in Central London and lasting 2.5 - 3 hours, Murder Most Fowl is perfect for a seasonal celebration with a twist. It’s ideal for groups of 20 - 40, or up to 80 as an expanded version of the game.

See the full FAQs on the
event page or in our downloadable brochure. Please also check out the seasonal FAQs, found below.


In Case of Emergency

There’s been a mysterious death on a flight back to London - journalist Laura Mipsum was found, after investigating shady goings on in Strykova. Her last message was to send her luggage to you, so that you can investigate what really happened...

Uncover a deadly plot and a world of international intrigue and assassination. What happened to Laura? Why was she targeted?  And what message did she want to send you? It’s up to you and your team to find out!

In Case of Emergency is the game that comes to you! Whether you’ve found the perfect pub room or just want a party in your office, as long as you’ve got a table and a yearning for justice, we’ll run our compact challenge for you.

It’s a great option for intimate groups of 15 - 30 players, and lasts between 1.5 - 2 hours. 

See the full FAQs on the event page or in our downloadable brochure. Please also check out the seasonal FAQs, found below.

“It was brilliant to see just how into it everybody got...and it was such a wonderful way to get my different sets of friends chatting and laughing. It was a totally perfect evening of silliness and exceeded my expectations of how a private game would work. Just joyful - thank you”

Murder Most Fowl Player

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Full FAQs for each game can be found on their respective pages, linked above. However, there are some specifics to keep in mind, whatever game it is that you choose.



At this busy time of year, key dates can get snapped up fast! If possible, do have one or two date options in mind for your party to avoid disappointment.

Along with the dates you’ve got in mind, please do let us know the time you’d be looking to have your event so we can confirm our availability.

Lead time

Since Christmas games and venues often get booked early, we’d advise giving us as much notice as you can to plan your event. Where possible four weeks or more is ideal.

Food and Drink

Nothing says Christmas like simply extraordinary amounts of great food and drink, and we’re all for it. While neither of the games is appropriate for a sit-down meal, tasty canapés, buffets, platters and any type of finger food are fantastic accompaniments to a game. As for drinks, well - as long as things don't get too out of hand, we're not ones to deny you a glass.

If you’ve got your heart set on having the full three-course sit-down dinner, we’d recommend arranging our game to end beforehand.


If possible, please do make us aware of the budget you’re working with for your event. The more information we have, the better our recommendations for you will be!


For In Case of Emergency, the choice of venue is entirely up to you! It’s a flexible game which works fantastically well in whatever space works for your location, budget and tastes. All we require is a private space with enough room for everyone playing, and a table for the game’s kit. We also need to access the space 45 minutes in advance of your arrival to get things set up.

Meanwhile, Murder Most Fowl is designed for specific venues we work with across Central London, ranging from secret speakeasy bars, to old-fashioned drinking dens, modern cocktail bars and more. We’ll recommend the venues we think would work best for you based on the size of your group, the date and time you’re looking to have your celebration, and any budgetary or location needs. 

All the venues we work with provide a fantastic service, both during your booking and on the day of the event itself. However we do have a few particular favourites worth noting for an excellent party:

The Vintry - A hidden gem in the heart of the City, The Vintry has several beautiful private hire areas. Try the light and airy Conservatory for groups of 20 - 35, or the sumptuous Wine Cellar for large groups up to 80.

Islington Town House - This charming Georgian pub in Angel is an established ADIAW favourite! Their Attic is perfect for smaller groups  up to 25.

WM Barker & Co - This underground cocktail bar always serves up a good time, and is wonderful for mysteries of 40 - 60 people.

The Joker of Penton Street - The life and soul of the party in Islington, the Joker always cracks a smile for our detectives! Their lovely bright and airy function room is  a real winner for up to 40 players.

Opium Chinatown - A superb spot if you’re looking to really treat yourself this winter! The Attic Academy can be all yours for an afternoon or evening, serving up bespoke cocktails and delicious dim sum alongside our mysteries for up to 50 guests.

The Castle Farringdon - A gorgeous listed building by historic Smithfield market, The Castle’s first floor function room is perfectly charming for up to 40 detectives.

How do I get my Christmas party started?

Get in touch! Fill in our enquiry form, email us on [email protected], or call the office on 07944 150448 any time 10am-6pm on working days.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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