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A Veiled Threat

The mysterious and venerable Blight family are gathered for a wedding. Find clues, solve puzzles and charm characters scattered around a rambling townhouse to uncover their secrets before the knot is tied!

Event dates

Monthly - February 2016 to March 2017

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The Dead Dolls House, Islington

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6:30pm - 10:30pm

A Door In A Wall presents a monthly game about a house, a family, and their secrets:

An invitation arrives. Black ink on starched card. "Lord and Lady Blight kindly request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter".
The Blights are an old family. Their history is chequered. Their wealth is uncertain, their motivations... questionable. Is this a wise match? A Door In A Wall invite you to cross the threshold and encounter the rooms, residents and secrets of the house of Blight. Find clues, solve puzzles and charm characters scattered around the mansion as you strive to sound out your suspicions about the bride, her family, and their fortune. You'll need a sharp mind though, as you'll have only an evening to assemble the story before the knot is tied.
Speak now or forever hold your peace as we uncover A Veiled Threat

A Veiled Threat is an indoor mystery game where you follow clues around the rooms of a house, interact with characters and try to answer pressing questions about the secrets of the Blight family before the wedding ceremony concludes. We recommend taking part in a small team of 3-5, though there are no formal limits and you can pursue your investigations however you wish.

You will need to use a smartphone to complete some clues. Please note that the event is for adults only and we advise you to arrive no later than one hour after the advertised start time. If you choose to play as a team then each member of your team will need a ticket. The game runs once a month on the third Tuesday of the month.

Lady Blight politely requests that guests dress in Black and White.



How does the game work?

On arrival, seek out the best man who will task you with investigating three suspicious sets of circumstances before the wedding takes place. To uncover the answers to these mysteries, you’ll need to explore the house, talk to characters, find clues and solve puzzles. The game concludes after guests gather for the ceremony itself.


How is this different to your other events?

Unlike our outdoor adventures, all the clues and characters for this game are within the rooms of the house. There's also no winning team, simply a chance for everyone to decipher the story. You'll be around other players more as everyone moves around the building, and it'll be easier to stop off for a drink at one of the bars!


What should I bring?

Other than your wits? A charged smartphone and a pen will come in handy, as will some insightful friends.


Is this a team game?

It can be. We recommend playing as a small group, but there’s no formal registration of teams and you can explore the house and interact freely. If your style is more ‘lone-wolf’, then you’re welcome to pursue your investigation that way as well.


I have a big group that all want to play together, can we?

Yes. Drop us a line directly and we'll see if we can arrange a group booking. You'll still want to split into smaller teams though.


I can't seem to purchase as many tickets as I want on Billetto, what's up?

You can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time through Billetto. If you want more than 10 for a group booking, then drop us a line directly. Otherwise, if the amount of tickets you can buy is less than 10, it means there's only that many left on sale.


Will there be food and drink available?

Of course - it’s a wedding after all. The Dead Dolls House will have food and drink available for purchase and the bar will stay open for drinks after the event.


What’s the closest station to the venue?

Highbury and Islington. Angel and Essex Road are also fairly close.


What’s this dress code? Do I have to wear only black and white?

The dress code is strongly encouraged, but is entirely optional. Wear as much black and white (not grey) in your outfit as you can. We certainly won’t be turning anyone away for not wearing the right things.


How do I win?

You complete the game by uncovering the story and deducing answers to the questions posed. Your answers do not need to be handed in to be marked and there are no prizes awarded. Everyone can win.


Anything else I should know?

The venue is laid out over three floors with stairs between them which are steep and narrow in places. Do bear this in mind when deciding whether to book or what to wear.


Can I bring children?

No, sorry, this event is for adults (18+) only.


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