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A Stab in the Dark

Take a trip into the world of 1970s horror with our new murder mystery treasure hunt, unravelling this autumn.

Event dates

Oct-Nov 2014

Team size

Teams of 3‑6

Event location

London Bridge

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Event Duration

4.5 hours

A Stab in the Dark was A Door In A Wall's public event for Autumn 2014. The sold-out game ran 37 times around the streets of Bermondsey, sending over 1800 players on a mystery adventure.

Back in the 1970s, they really knew how to make a horror film. The primal terror, the slow reveal, the painstaking prosthetics and buckets of fake blood. And one man symbolized this high time of horror like none other: Don Gowin, the biggest star of the scene. Who can forget You Only Die Once 2, The Unmurderer and the chilling Death from Above (and also Below)?

Long since retired but nonetheless still celebrated for his work, Don is releasing an autobiography recalling all the detail of those monstrous days. But it seems someone has taken exception to his memoir - and when Don is found gruesomely slaughtered, it is up to his greatest fans to uncover the grisly truth.

The game ran on Wednesday - Sunday evenings (6pm - 10:30pm) from 3rd October through to 2nd November, and in the afternoons (12:30pm - 5pm) on the Saturdays and Sundays.

“Such a fun and unique experience, amazing concept, great acting and good value!”

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