Private Events & Commissions

An engaging and immersive game experience can make your event one to remember, whether you're looking to bring colleagues together, provide a unique experience, or mark a birthday celebration.

We have some standardised events we can run, and we're keen that each game we create is tailored to suit your occasion. If one of our adventures sounds appealing, drop us a line:

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Bespoke games
A game created specifically for you, built to engage your audience and use themes, an area and stories that you choose.
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The Final Bid
Explore Chinatown to uncover the truth about the death of Artie Fackes - and the secrets held within his priceless collection of ancient art!
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In Case of Emergency
A suitcase mysteriously arrives at a party: investigate the contents to discover who it belonged to and the urgent message it contains.
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Murder Most Fowl
An agent has gone missing. Can you find them before it’s too late, amongst shady political corruption and murky mob operations?
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Four Seasons of Good Will
A creative and unique game that turns the wedding guest book into an experience of messages, photographs, postcards and more.
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The Last Resort
A courier has been murdered and the construction plans for a new tropical hotel are missing. Embark on an adventure around central London to track down the killer before they can make a getaway!
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Party Games
A fun addition to your event, designed to get people interacting and enjoying a variety of bizarre situations and hilarious challenges.
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