Private Events & Commissions

An engaging and immersive game experience can make your event unforgettable. A Door In A Wall are able to take on private events and commissions for marketing launches, client events, team building days or personal occasions.

We offer a number of options - a bespoke game, a set mystery event, or some of our smaller party games.

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Bespoke games

A bespoke game is created specifically for you, built to engage your audience and use themes, stories and locations you decide.

The main things we need to know initially are:

  • What kind of event are you planning?
  • When is it happening (we need at least 2 months notice for bespoke events)?
  • How many people would be taking part (typically 50+ for a bespoke event)?
  • How long would you want the game to last?

We can then let you know what we think would work best and give an indication of costs.

We need at least two months' notice to create a bespoke game.

An example of a bespoke event, produced by A Door In A Wall for O2 and Nokia:

"We partnered with A Door in a Wall to deliver ‘A Shot at Fame’, an event that brought NFC mobile technology to life for customers in an original and engaging manner. The success of the event was down to the professionalism, dedication and passion of the ADIAW team. Everything was delivered with incredible attention to detail, from the early planning stages to finding the locations and building the NFC puzzles. Customers loved the overall experience and many learned more about NFC technology as a result, which met our objectives as a business."  O2, July 2013

View full case study (PDF) View full case study (PDF)
50+ people


Dependent on requirements

Set mystery

A set mystery is an existing game that we run just for you - the venue, story, clues and experiences are the same each time, but it's just you and your guests taking part at a time that suits you. 

Our Chinatown-based murder mystery, The Final Bid, immerses you and your fellow clue-hunters in the story of the death of Artie Fackes, and the subsequent auction of his priceless collection of Chinese antiquities. Can you piece together the clues left behind before his collection falls into the wrong hands? The devious plot and shady characters you will meet along the way have all the elements of a classic A Door In A Wall murder mystery treasure hunt. 

Set mysteries can be booked up to three weeks in advance of the event date.

We are unable to run The Final Bid on Thursday, Friday or Saturday after 6pm due to venue restrictions, and as this game is very active and mostly based outside we do not recommend it for November-March due to our cold and rainy London winter weather!

"Thank you so much for a great afternoon...the whole team really enjoyed the experience and it was brilliantly put together and executed as always!" 
- Lego

"it was brilliant!  Such a well-thought through evening...We've been telling everyone about A Door in a Wall since and hopefully we can do another mystery with you soon!"
- Private client for The Final Bid
25-45 people

4 hours

From £40 a head

Party games

Our party games make a fun addition to your event, designed to get people interacting and laughing as they enjoy the bizarre and original challenges we invent.

Our games are flexible and informal, and can be played at a venue of your choosing.

We have a number of these games which you can choose to include, covering such diverse themes as hipster parties, financial dealings, family feuds and bad reviews!

If you would like to book a session of party games, please give us at least two weeks' notice.



From £10 a head